Wednesday, 15 February 2012 16:40

We consider that wheels are the most important parts on a bicycle because they give it its dynamic behaviour. Our goal here is to offer a wide range of rims, hubs and spokes so that you all can acquire the most appropriate with your pratice and budget pair of wheels.

The principle is quite easy : pick up the rims, hubs and spokes of your choice, select a lacing option (radial, 3-cross, 4-cross) and we take care of the building.

We use the best manual lacing and truing machine from P&K Lie. The optimized design of the gauges allow a very precise centering of the wheel.

A wide range of rims is available on the webshop (H+SON, Velocity) but we also propose a selection of youngtimers (Campagnolo Atlanta, Campagnolo Omega, Ambrioso excellence, etc.), but new ! Carbon rims will also be available soon.

We already have two ranges of hubs in stock, BLB (best value for money) or Victoire Cycles (premium, made in France) and famous brands Tune, Chris King and Soul Kozak will follow for road sets.

Different lacing options are offered. It goes from standard 14g spoke to premium SAPIM Leader or Laser. Wheels can also be laced with high-end SAPIM CX-Ray or Superspoke on demand.

Mountings are mostly done within 48 hours and worldwide delivery with adapted packaging is possible.

If you don't find the perfect rims / hubs match on the webshop, feel free to contact us so that we can find a solution to your problem!


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